David Riley Of Americans Working.Com

 This week I interview David Riley Creator of AmericansWorking.Com.   This particular interview aired in 2008, however is
 applicable today. While listening to the interview please take time to visit David’s website. Before the interview I’ve included
 “NTR Future News”. Future News is news that could very well happen in our near future. Also included in the show are excerpts
 from previous shows/interviews on my show Voices Of Success. Enjoy my friends. Let me know who you would like me to interview  for future shows. E mail me at ntrradionetwork@gmail.com In regards to AmericansWorking.com  if you are a U.S. Business Owner, please contact  David at Admin@americansworking.com to be included on his website.  For advertising and media relations contact Customer Service / Marketing: Sarah Harris Email sarah@americansworking.com


Kjelene Interiews CEO Samuel Burlum And Managing Editor Of The Alternative Press Jennifer Jean Miller.

An amazing interview with a dear friend of mine who is a mover and shaker! He
 is creating a better world for all of us. He also introduces us today to a woman who also has the same quality’s  with her business. She is a reporter of the truth! Samuel Burlum and Jennifer
Jean Miller on Voices of Success. Enjoy my friends.


Clip Of Upcoming Interview With President & CEO Samuel Burlum

In this audio clip of my interview with Mr. Samuel Burlum states that his company is hiring!
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Here is an excerpt of Jennifer Jean Miller who is also on the upcoming show.  Enjoy! http://www.box.com/shared/static/b2b64c7813cf443efa25.mp3

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Kjelene Interviews 2012 TVP Presidential Candidate Miss Jill Reed

Enjoy my interview with the 2012 write-in Twelve Visions Party Presidential
Candidate, Miss Jill Reed. Jill is also Junior Vice Chair for the National
Twelve Visions Party. Reach her campaign office by phoning 307-220-1453
E mail the campaign at reedin2012@gmail.com
Get to know a little more about Jill Reed and her platform as you listen to the
interview. Jill will be back with us in a few weeks for updates as she travels
across the United States. Enjoy the show.



Voices Of Success With Kjelene

Kjelene interviews Dr. Turi who he is and thoughts on the  2012  disussion.