Kjelene Interviews Ted Fatteros CEO of Ted Speak and Network Plus

“We are born complete,we are not born deficient.
We need not be fixed for we are not broken.
We are whole, not fragmented.We need to nurture the child in us,not force it to grow up.
We are love, only love.
It is fear tht prevents us from
being who we really are.
We are love, only love.” (Ted Fatteros) 





  1. Hi Kjelene,

    This was one of the most genuine and honestly entertaining programs that I have heard recently.
    Thanks and keep up the great work.

    Happy Holidays,

    Mark Edward Brown

  2. Kjelene Bertrand says:

    Thank you Mark!

  3. Have known Ted for several years and always admired the work he does; the spirit within which moves him. It was wonderful to hear him vocalize those things about which he is most passionate.

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