Kjelene Interviews Samuel Burlum Of Extreme Energy Solutions!


 I so enjoyed my interview with CEO and President of Extreme Energy Solutions, Mr. Samuel Burlam.  Samuel and his team have created amazing products to help solve our emission problems as well as save us $$$ at the gas pump! His products are manufactured in the U.S. and he is helping as well to create jobs! I am proud to call Samuel my friend! Pay attention to this young man and his amazing company and watch its spectacular growth. Contact Samuel and be a part of his team! Listen in to the show and learn how you can help in your community! 



  1. Love this interview Kjelene! Samuel really has IT going on, WOT!
    It looks like between you & he, a good sales type can look ahead to an incredibly bright career in making the lives of others much happier & wealthier.
    Thank you, both of you!

  2. Robin Newman says:

    Great info. and a fine show Kjelene

  3. Kjelene Bertrand says:

    Thank you for listening!!!

  4. Kjelene Bertrand says:

    I agree…Samuel is certainly a genious!!! Thank you for listening!!!

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