Neothink Radio With Kjelene & NYTVP Officers.

Kjelene interviews the Twelve Visions Party
Officers of the State of New York. Chair, Kostos Despos
Vice Chair, Domenic Lonardo, Secretary, Charles Riley and
Treasurer, Helen Betzenhauser. 
To join the TVP of NYS and to learn more, click here

Listen to the passion of these officers on why there
needs to be a third party. Join this partys movement
in your state. To learn how, click here



  1. Hi Kjelene,

    Great interview and thanks for mentioning the rememberance of 9/11. I am in the Army and look forward to the TVP!

    Mark Edward Brown

  2. Kjelene Bertrand says:

    Thank you Mark! I appreciate all your comments! Thank you for serving in the Army!!!! My Dad was a Seabee!

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