Neothink Radio 11/11/2012

 Host Steve Fagan speaks of creating a “Super Puzzle Picture World”.
 Based on the common denominators of determination, want and the desire
 to create a better world of wealth,health,safety,education,love as well as the
 creation of the entrepreneur.



  1. Dear Steve, your speach was nothing short of Brilliance!!!. First I must say I was shcked and saddened by the News of Hurricane Sandy!!! The News here tells us you have more sever weather. I am just sorry .Glad you are and NT people are safe and well!! I

    I do belive the elite are causing this; also earthquakes around the World.

    Having said that, I belive the Prime Law is Perfect!!! I agree we can control health without doctors, hospitals or medcation in the future with the Prime Law in place,lets hope that is not too long away!.

    I am able to heal people with EFT( Emotional Freedom Techniques) I have advanced certificates in EFT and Hypnotherpy, NLPand many other healing modalities. I love to write books – these are my essences.

    I Love you my friend!!! Bast wishes, James Hamilton-Heenan 🙂

  2. bob lamarre says:

    I found your segment about Superpuzzle pictures World was filled with Honesty, compassion, motivation, inspirational,Wake up- Notice to us.
    Bob Lamarre

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