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NTR Radio Network welcomes your show. You could be the next NTR Radio Show Host. Send us an email at and we will get you the details. Be sure to include your phone number.


  1. JC Correale says:


    How are you two doing? This is JC, and I know I have something to offer your show, maybe an interview.

    I am in Anthropology/Archeology, origins of man, and I have somehow found two other evolutionary charts; there are a total of three evolutionary charts.

    Man did not just evolve from monkeys’. Man first evolved from fish (white man), then reptiles or birds (redman), then monkeyman ( was created.Hhe was a rush job, evidence of the DNA alteration was documented in Babalonia, Mesopotamia.

    then I uncovered the story of how monkeyman took over, much like Edgar Casey states in his book on atlantis.

    Monkeyman found out how to control people and nature, cause mass murder and that story is called my Kane and Able Theory.
    I am thinking about offering guided tours of ancient ruins…and petroforms in Colorado larger then life.
    My contact number is:

    303-426-4338 workin on the books,
    Denver, Colorado

    Otherwise I am doing pretty good.

  2. Kjelene Bertrand says:

    Do you have a web site or blog address? If so, please go ahead and send it to and
    we’ll have a conversation.

  3. Andrew Young says:

    Hello, being a host sound interesting to me. Though Music is my passion, I have a very good knowldge of Music History. Doing a small music segment sound great. But doing music of pure love and happiness. To make you feel good about the future. Willing to learn.

  4. Joe Gorski says:

    Dear Steve and Kjelene,

    Although I am not an experienced speaker I would be interested in doing commentary about politics and economics. My phone number is 928-925-0734. Email Steve you and I have already spoken so you know my strengths and weaknesses. Not so sure about interviewing though.

    Joe Gorski

  5. I could be interviewed again on my near death and out of body encounter. It has profoundly changed my life. My goal in life is to share my knowelege and the amazing power we have all been so greacouly blessed with. We are truly amazing beings and have been blessed with The GIFT of life. It truly is a gift we must cherish. Blessed with the kiss of life~

    Renee Maira via @youtube

  6. I loved doing a radio show with Kjelene. We had such candid chats and our listeners love us.

  7. Kjelene Bertrand says:

    Time to do another one…maby?
    xxxooo Kjelene

  8. What happends when the bell rings heads turn towards its direction.When the oven is on isnt it hot? A light in the dark isnt it bright, exspeically as it right there in front of your face just blinding at first gleance of its sight! Think Neo¥Neo think!


  9. I think that the twelve vision party is one of the best concept to come along since our constitution the only problem is our political parties are ruled by the powerful and elite and with people like George Soros and the Rockefellers and the Rothchilds and many ,many more will never let this happen because it would put the power back into the hand of the masses and the rich will fight us all the way ,they already want to get rid of about 2/3 of us and it’s already started but I am still very interested in this movement and would like more information and yes I am a member NT Society and thank you for listening to my comments ,till next time have a Happy New year and hopefully 2014 will be better than 2013!!

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