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Kjelene Magnell Bertrand, Creator and Producer of NTR Radio Network and Host of Voices of Success. Kjelene brings to NTR interviews of
those “Creators” who are making our world a better place.


  1. Hi Kjelene……….I’ve heard alot about you and listened to some of your broadcasts via the internet.
    I have a serious question………
    Are you or Steve or Mark Hamilton associated with any foundations that would donate $5000 to an individual in your “Neothink circle” who has a rare medical condition and needs cash right away for a treatment that could save/prolong his life??? This individual is presently undereemployed and not insured.

    Thanking you in advance for your reply!


  2. Kjelene Bertrand says:

    Hello Karla,
    I personally am not associated with any and don’t know if the others are either. I’m sorry I cannot help. You can e mail me at with more details if you wish.

  3. Hi Kjelene,

    Just wanted you to know that I put your radio ID Banner at the top of my home page.
    See it at:

    Thank you,

  4. Tim Marshall says:

    Is there a church of god man? If so what is it called and where are they located? If there is not does anything come close?

  5. Hello Honey,

    Here is my story and me interviewing myself on my NDE Life after. You can put this on my life time sponser spot. Also it you are interested in a interview with me I would be more than happy too.

    I am on vacation the month of July but check in and out of emails and network sites. Hope you are having a wonderful summer. Vatation time is the only reason I am not at the NT summit. 🙁

    Renee Maira

  6. Hello Kjelene, I’m a Neothink person and i have read many of your comments online. I think you are awesome and i beleive in what you;re speaking about. I cannot wait to meeet with you and some of the higher level thinkers of society. I beleive in Mark Hamiltons writtings and also of his Fathers work. stay on course. you are awesome ! I am a Creator myself. Thanks to Mark Hamilton my vision is getting clearer every day !

  7. Rickey Johnson says:

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