2012 Presidential Independent Candidate Jill Reed Commercial Message


Steve Fagan Interviews Ted Fattoross

 This weeks show Steve lays the foundation for becoming a visionary,entrepreneur and
 the process of networking. His beginning segment sets the stage for his interview with
 Founder and CEO of Network Plus, Ted Fattoross. Ted is a professional keynote speaker
 seminar leader, coach and consultant who has for over 25 years inspired over 250,000
 people throghout the world to become the best they can be. Click on his picture to take
 you to his web site.  Contact them as Network Plus Pro is hiring. 201-640-3100



Kjelene Interviews Dr. Aubrey de Grey

 Dr. Aubrey de Grey is the Cheif Science Officer at the Sens Foundation
 as well as Author of his book, “Ending Aging”. One of his you tube
 videos is entitled, “There’s nothing natural about dying”. Listen in
 to hear why he believes this and the purpose of his foundation.


Neothink Radio Week Of 9/7/12

  Every Friday morning join this live call hosted by the Neothink Society.
  Special guest Independent 2012 Presidential Candidate, Miss Jill Reed.
  Please go to our FRIENDS page on this site for the Friday call in information.



Man Is Inherently Good!

Clip of Jill Reed with this weeks show. I agree with her that man is inherently good. I myself at times look at those who are mean or are who are angry and I envision them as a child…what I see is a soul who is inherently good…yet has been manipulated to change because of certain circumstance that have happened in their lives. Look at that person and remember them as an infant…born into this world and their own circumstance. Feel their pain and suffering. Do not judge them…they had no means to correct their bad choices. They just did not know any better. If you have someone in your life right now that is making bad choices…be a friend who doesn’t judge them, however reach out and offer your support. Enjoy this audio clip of the 2012 Presidential Candidate Miss Jill Reed.


Neothink Radio 9/30 2012

 Reason Is Dead! That is the message for this weeks show from Host Steve Fagan. He addressed how to overcome our current illusions and the opportunity to bring us all back to reality. Steve also reads excerpts from ByLaws from Founder of the Neothink Society and the Twelve Visions Party, Mr. Mark Hamilton.