About NTR Radio Network

NTR Neothink Radio Network is devoted to the men and women around the world that have and are creating a new paradigm of Wealth, Health and Peace for our world today. This includes Government change as well!  We at the Neothink Radio Network along with those we promote  are giving of our time and talent for eradication of  disease, new technology, alternative medicine and creation of wealth, as well as anwers to our current political confusion.

The traditional media and its listeners, readers and viewers may not be aware of many of these men and women, these pioneers of change that NTR is promoting!  Many are lacking in  funding and media reach for their products and services. It is the desire of the Neothink Radio Network to help inform the public with their creations and promote them publicly!

This includes other like-minded individuals who have created their own programs. We at NTR are happy to parnter with them and include them in our Network of Broadcasting to the public. It is our intention at NTR to grow our Network of Broadcasting throughout the U.S. and the World.

In conclusion…we at NTR and our Affiliate Radio Stations are not afraid to promote the political change that is desired.  NTR has chosen to  broadcast a new movement with the promotion of Neothink Radio and Host Steve Fagan. This movement, the Twelve Visions Party currently has 12 states affiliated and chartered and includes Canada. This partys intention is to depoliticize America and will set the example for the world to follow. NTR believes that T.V.P. is truly the only way to real change of removing the two party system of government.

Many of you out there are  Pioneers for truth. You as well have  creative products and services…as well as ideals for change in government. We want to hear from you! These are exciting days ahead my friends! Don’t be fooled by mis-information. NTR will provide our listeners with content and interviews of the men and women who (in all areas of our culture) are helping to create a better world!.NTR will always give you the truth.

Your NTR Friend,


Producer/Creator/Host of NTR Neothink Radio Network.

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